• Epson Intelligent Printer Front Output White

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  • Description

    The Epson Intelligent Cloud Printer is the best choice for anyone planning on using Kounta.




    Recommended for:

    Quick Service, Cafes, High Volume Restaurants


    It provides the following benefits.

    - Excellent stability

    - Exceptionally easy to setup

    - Allows you to print from Android, Mac, iPad or Windows without driver installation

    - Supports other standard ethernet Epson printers including the T88, T20, U220 and soon the T82

    - Fastest printer in the Epson range


    Any device running Kounta can print using the Epson Intelligent Cloud Printer - even from within the Kounta iPad App.



    - This printer is not wireless

    - This printer runs on your local network, internet is not required

    - This printer can be used in conjunction with the Epson Ethernet T20, T88, U220 as secondary printers

    - Only 1 Intelligent Printer is needed per location

    - Ethernet cables are not included and must be purchased separately.

Epson Intelligent Printer Front Output White

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